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CTC Easter Sunday Service - 12th April 2020
5th April 2020

Welcome to Cathcart Trinity Church! It's Palm Sunday so let's worship Jesus together as we remember his entry to Jerusalem and think about a song of Hosanna. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to the filming of this service and to each of you for joining us. We pray this service is a blessing to every one of you. Our passage today is Mark 11:1-11 and we're singing: Praise is rising Hosanna, hosanna My Jesus, my Saviour Church Copyright Licence 67

29 March 2020

Welcome to Cathcart Trinity Church! May God bless each of us as we worship Him together. This week we're thinking about Psalm 63 and singing: Come and praise Him/Come people of the risen King Jesus, strong and kind (Filmed before meetings of more than 2 people were banned.) What a friend we have in Jesus Church Copyright Licence 67891 Streaming Licence 25515

CTC 22nd March 2020 Sunday Service

CTC 22nd March 2020 Sunday Service

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